A Try Science Conversation with Wynne Harlen
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In the summer and fall semesters of 2000, we were fortunate to have science educator Wynne Harlen as a guest discussant for Try Science. Course participants read about Harlen and her work, then posed questions for her in an online forum to kickstart discussion.

Unfortunately Wynne can't join us every semester, but we've put together the following web pages so that you can "listen in" on past online conversations. Each topic links to relevant messages exchanged between Wynne and course participants.

Discussion Topics & Participant Questions:
Designing Investigations
Any suggestions you have about student experimental design and seeking more effective ways to test ideas would be most appreciated. (Posed by JA)
Keeping Sight of Inquiry
I can't help but think about the teacher's role and the process that leads to successful learning through inquiry. How can teachers keep sight of inquiry in their teaching? (Posed by RF)
Supporting Predictions & Risk-Taking
My students find it difficult to make conjectures in front of their peers. Do you have any suggestions on how to elicit predictions and host whole class discussions without creating an uncomfortable situation? (Posed by PP)
Framing Questions
A couple of questions we have asked are, "How does one get away from, or avoid, leading questions?" and "Are leading questions taking away from the student's learning or thought processes?" (Posed by BV)
The Heterogeneous Classroom
I'm curious as to how you would deal with a classroom of students with widely differing backgrounds. How do you balance all of the needs? (Posed by LD)
Age-Appropriate Goals/Assessment
How will I know if a science activity is successful? (Posed by SL) ... How can I help my students make age-appropriate connections? (Posed by MK)


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