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The Online Master's in Science Education program welcomes additional institutional partners. If you would like to become involved in the project -- as an institution or as an individual -- please send an email message to Sue Doubler (

Current Partnerships: Beginning in 1997, TERC and Lesley University entered into a partnership to develop this fully accredited, online science education master's degree program. The collaboration builds on the strengths and expertise of each organization.

TERC, a leading educational research and development center, has a strong commitment to improving the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in schools. TERC brings extensive experience in implementing online professional discussions and collaborations (LabNet and LSC-NET), using technology as a curricular component to connect classrooms with each other and with scientists (National Geographic Kids Network and the GLOBE program), integrating technology into school curriculum (The Global Laboratory, Personal Science Laboratory, Hanau Model Schools Partnership) and deploying web-based technologies to gather, analyze, and share data (CLEO). TERC's extensive experience with online environments is combined with significant contributions in science and mathematics education through curriculum development and teacher professional development. TERC is committed to inquiry-based science learning.

Lesley University has been a leader and innovator in providing high-quality teacher education for 90 years. Lesley educates more teachers than any other private institution in Massachusetts and has off-campus graduate programs in education in 14 other states and five foreign countries. There are more than 140 off-campus sites. It is the 15th largest graduate school in the nation in terms of the number of degrees conferred.


About Our Funders

This program is created by TERC and Lesley University with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Award # ESI-9911770 and the U.S. Department of Education, Fund for Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Award #P116D990066.

The Online Master's in Science Education program welcomes additional funders. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please send an email message to Sue Doubler (


Staff, Advisors, and Course Development Teams


Project Co-Directors

Sue Doubler, Linda Grisham

TERC Online Learning & Technology Specialists

Gail Matthews-DeNatale, Debbie Munson

TERC Administrative Assistants

Will Cunningham, Valerie Martin

Lesley University Staff

Michael O'Hearn, Doreen Stewart, Kathleen Whittier




Roscoe Giles, Sara Haavind, Linda Harasim, George Hein, Margaret Honey, Tamara Ledley, Marian Miller, Jean Moon, John Settlage, George Tuthill, Martha Stone Wiske, Doug Zook

Teacher Collaborators

Maura Albert, Barbara Bratzel, Lanie Higgins, Bob Holden, Rob Leonard, Jeanne McDermott, Kathleen McDonald, Jeff Peake, Tracy Polte, Linda Preston, Mette Schwartz, Paula Tranchita, Alma Wright


Wynne Harlen, Craig Altobello


Katherine Paget (formative), Goodman Research Group, Inc. (summative)



Note: * indicates lead curriculum developer(s) for the team

Try Science

Development Team
*Susan Doubler, *Nathan Kimball, Linda Grisham, Gail Matthews-DeNatale, June Siple

Wynne Harlen, Jeff Peake, Lanie Higgins, Alma Wright

Physics /
Children's Ideas

Development Team
*Andee Rubin, *Susan Doubler, Linda Grisham, Gail Matthews-DeNatale

Eleanor Duckworth, Gary Goldstein, Bob Lange, Jonathon (student), Rebecca (student)

Biology /
Facilitating Inquiry

Development Team
*Gilly Puttick, *Sally Crissman, Susan Doubler, Linda Grisham, Gail Matthews-DeNatale

Didi Coyle and 5th grade class at Cambridge Friends School, Anjali (student), Daniel (student), Jonathan (student), Julia (student)

Earth Science /
Curriculum Designed for Understanding

Development Team
*Sara Lacy, *Susan Doubler, *Daniel Wilson, Linda Grisham, Debbie Munson

Russell Hunt, Jennifer Craddock, Jessica Lacy

Ecology /
Formative Assessment

Development Team
*Gilly Puttick, *Wynne Harlen, Susan Doubler, Linda Grisham, Gail Matthews-DeNatale

Caroline (student), Maya (student), Emma (student)

Engineering /
Equity in the Classroom

Development Team
*Sara Lacy, *Sally Crissman, Susan Doubler, Linda Grisham, Deborah Munson

Jessica Bell, Jesse Solomon

Faculty Seminar & Facilitator's Forum

Development Team
*Gail Matthews-DeNatale, Katherine Paget, Susan Doubler, Sally Crissman, Valerie Martin

Nathan Kimball, Judy Fischer


Course Production Assistance

Aubery Anderson, Cara DiMattia, Peter Dixon

Editorial Assistance

Nancy Zerbey, Harvey Yazijian