Science in Education

Hear the Voices

"My schedule is extremely hectic. I'm on every committee there is to be on in school. Sometimes my day starts at 7:00 in the morning and I go until 9:00 at night without ever coming home.

So to be able to come home at 9:00 or 9:30 and log on to my computer to work on a course is just perfect for me -- because if I had to actually sit in a classroom, it would never work for me with my schedule."

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"Everybody cares what I have to say. Everyone is going to take the time to read what I said and -- in a great constructive manner -- share points they agree or disagree on and ask me questions so that I'll take it a step further. That's NEVER happened in any other courses ...

I find that with the online environment I connect more, I share more, I get more out of my peers than I ever would being in a classroom."

"We were asked, 'When did you first remember learning science in a way that you were interested in it and it became part of our memory?' This course is evolving from that concept.

When did science become important for any one of us? It was when we were able to use our senses to bring it into our minds."