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TERC, in partnership with Lesley University, has developed an innovative degree program for K-8 educators that is: focused on inquiry, aligned with national science standards, and fully accredited.

Each course is team taught by a scientist and an educator. Program participants take all courses online, but much of their learning takes place away from the computer.

Science learning happens through hands-on investigations -- engaging participants in firsthand scientific inquiry. In the context of online study groups, participants report investigation findings, analyze, debate, and deepen science content understanding.

Our program provides a supportive space to rethink ideas about teaching. During each module participants examine case studies of inquiry in action, then try out new strategies in their own classrooms.

Browse this site to hear from program participants, see examples, and read our research about online learning!

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Contact: Sue Doubler sue_doubler@terc.edu, 2067 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA, USA